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We are targeting pain at its source

Virpax® has licensed a patented aerosol-based system that delivers active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) as a Patch-in-a-Can. This meter dosed spray delivers the API as a film over a 12 hour period with numerous advantages.

"I feel that a large number of pain patients will prefer the spray over patches and ointment and am really glad to see this new technology that will allow more precise application while using lesser active ingredient."

Sanjay Gupta

President, American Pain Association

Convenient – no messy cream or gels that can be rubbed off by clothing or physical contact

Aesthetically appealing – invisible once applied

Extended or immediate release formulation can be manipulated to deliver API immediately or over extended times from 12 to 48 hrs

Easily optimizable – film and excipients can be varied according to active and target. Metered dose or continuous delivery valves are available based on patient need

Validated on a wide variety of pharmaceuticals including a clinical trial to show non-inferiority to a leading brand

An alternative to current pain remedies with more efficient delivery and little reservoir of residue drug remaining in formulation

On application, the formulation has cooling/relieving attributes which appeal to the patient for many applications e.g. to counter itching and burning sensations

Potential to demonstrate enhanced drug delivery to or across the skin or buccal mucosa

"The literature clearly supports the effectiveness of topical analgesics. One of the main challenges facing issues with the use of topical patches is adhesion. Newer formulations that apply as a spray film, or so-called “patch in a can,“ will have the potential to improve effectiveness, compliance and reliability when using topical analgesics to treat painful conditions.”

Charles Argoff, M.D.

Topical NSAID Film


  • First-in-class transdermal delivery system based on proprietary spray formulation
  • US patented technology
  • Potential for FDA approval as a therapeutic equivalent drug
  • Better adhesiveness and accessibility


Target market: Topical treatment of acute pain using NSAIDS

Local anesthetic

Liposomal Gel


  • Vesicles packed with local anesthetic product delivery system, consisting of encapsulated bupivacaine in hydrogel, cholesterol and other “GRAS” lipids
  • US patented technology
  • Potential for FDA approval as a therapeutic equivalent drug
  • Superior and longer-lasting post-operative pain control

MARKET overview

Target market: Single dose infiltration into the surgical site to produce prolonged postoperative analgesia effect up to 96 hours; decrease, and/or eliminate the potential need for opioids during post-surgical recovery

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