Thani Jambulingam headshot

Dr. Thani Jambulingam is a Pfizer Fellow and Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing at St Joseph’s University, Erivan K. Haub School of Business, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He teaches in the executive MBA program for biopharmaceutical, medical device and physician executives. Dr. Jambulingam served as the chair of the department for 8 years. He is trained at Harvard in case method for teaching. Dr. Jambulingam’s research interests are in pharmaceutical and healthcare strategy, and innovation and published in marketing and management journals. Dr. Jambulingam has also served as a consultant and facilitated training sessions in innovation and strategy for senior leadership and/or brand teams within several small, mid and large pharma and healthcare firms including Alkermes, Abbott, Astra Zeneca, Lancaster General, Merck, Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, Solvay and Procter & Gamble. During his sabbatical, he joined Pfizer with the Prevenar Global Commercial Team contributing to development of Prevenar franchise positioning, healthy aging platform development, vaccine business strategy for emerging markets, pediatric expanded age strategy (life cycle management) and conducted strategy session for executive leadership within the specialty care division of Pfizer. Dr. Jambulingam is a pharmacist and obtained his Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin-Madison.