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Virpax Pharmaceuticals Licenses ‘Patch-in-a-Can’ MedSpray® Technology From MedPharm Ltd

May 29, 2018

Transdermal Delivery Technology Integrated Into DSF100 NSAID Spray Film 1.3%

Virpax Pharmaceuticals (“Virpax”), a company specializing in developing pharmaceutical products for pain management by using new drug delivery systems, signed a technology license agreement with MedPharm Ltd, a leading contract provider of topical and transdermal product design and development services, to develop non-opioid pain management products delivered via “Patch-in-a-Can” MedSpray® technology.

Virpax is developing DSF100 (NSAID spray film 1.3%), an investigational spray film designed to deliver an NSAID transdermally via a metered-dose spray. The product features a high level of adhesiveness, accessibility and skin drying. MedSpray® is a unique technology that benefits patients by offering the possibility of long-term dosing of a product through the skin or mucosal membrane from a clear “patch” conveniently applied as a spray from a can. Virpax filed a pre-IND meeting request with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and it was granted on May 18, 2018.

“The rising importance of alternatives to opioid medications for pain management has spurred us to explore the development of topical treatments that improve on existing gel and patch products, for which adhesion and accessibility can be a challenge,” said Anthony Mack, CEO of Virpax. “We believe that the ‘Patch-in-a-Can’ technology offers a promising delivery system to improve options for patients and healthcare providers and we look forward to advancing our NSAID product in clinical studies.”

MedPharm has demonstrated the efficacy of MedSpray® technology in its own clinical studies and has studied its use in administering topical formulations of terbinafine. The technology can be implemented in extended or immediate release formulations and is designed as an alternative to current pain remedies with more efficient delivery and little reservoir of residue drug remaining in formulation.

About Virpax Pharmaceuticals

Virpax develops branded pharmaceutical products for pain management by using cutting-edge technology to enhance patients’ quality of life, all while creating value for its investors and partners. The company is focused on becoming a global leader in pain management by developing and delivering innovative pharmaceutical products to its customers.