Professor of Biochemistry and the head of the Liposome and Membrane Research Lab at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School of Jerusalem at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was a visiting professor in many universities world-wide (US, UK, Japan, China, Italy, Denmark). He is on the Editorial Boards of few scientific journals. Professor Barenholz is coauthor in more than 435 publications (cited >39,000 times, h-index >98). He is in the world top 5000 scientists (among almost 1 million scientists world-wide) according to Stanford evaluation. Barenholz is a co-inventor of more than 55 allowed patents, (>50% were licensed). He is one of the key inventors of Doxil®, the first FDA approved nano-drug (November 1995), currently marketed by Baxter for a cancer treatment. On October 2021 FDA approved a generic Doxil developed by Barenholz and Ayana Pharma LTD, one of the six start-ups co-founded by Barenholz. Professor Barenholz was awarded many national and international prizes, the last one is the Israel Prime minister 2020 EMET prize in The Exact Sciences (Nanotechnology). He is married to Dr. Hanna Barenholz, together they have 4 daughters and 12 grandchildren.

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